Top 5 Best Ways to Find Backdoor Hires

Best Ways to Find Backdoor Hires

The staffing and recruiting industry extends across the world with recruiters involved in every industry of workers. These staffing firms have become a go-to for unemployed workers due to their connections and continued success at placing people in jobs; they also have become an invaluable resource for companies who need to hire skilled employees. When a business enters into a contract with a staffing and recruiting firm, they make an agreement with the recruiting firm to find and send candidates for _____ position(s). The company has the ability to look through the candidates and decide which ones they want to hire. The definition of backdoor hiring, or backdoor placement, is when a candidate is presented, and the company hires that person without your knowledge. Doing that allows the company to get around paying the recruiting fee for the employee since they did not hire them as a candidate sent by the firm.