How many placements did you make last year but have not been paid on because you are not aware that your client hired your candidate?
Wilson Cole
Founder & Creator Of Back Hire Solutions
and Adams, Evens & Ross Inc

If you think back door placements never happen to you,  I can tell you more than likely you are incorrect because In 2017 we found over $6,500,000.00 in placement fees for our clients.

The statistics are staggering:  We find on average that for every 500 presentations that our clients make there is one back door hire, with an average fee of $25,000.00 ( that is also the average tax bill for the average recruiter)

Heres the deal

I am willing to search all of your 2017 data for free, yes free, that is a $3600 value for free.
So what the catch? 

I want you to sign up for 2018 so we can check your data all year long. I am so confident that you will be pleased with our back door hire service that I am willing to absorb your risk. I will wave the setup fee of $250.00 per recruiter as well and the cost per quarter is only $499.00 for an admin fee and a 10% finders fee if you get paid.

So I will search all of your 2017 data for free ( you only pay a 10% finders fee if we find a back door hire that you get paid on) and we will start searching your data and bill your credit card and if you are unhappy for any reason then just let me know and we cancel your subscription on April 1st and refund 100% of your of your 1st quarter payment. It is that simple. 

So if you want us to search your data for lastyear for free, wave the set up cost and offer you a 100% money back guarantee to test our system for the next 90 days then click here.
So click The button below to sign up so we can find more back door hires for you.
The offer is pretty simple, for the next 2 days I will offer you our back door hire solution for 1/2 price, Search last years data and I will guarantee your satisfaction for the next 90 days and I will search all of last year's data for you for free.
The back door hire solution typically cost about $3600 per year for the first recruiter and $900 for each additional recruiter, but I will offer you access to our service for $499 per quarter and a 10% finders fee if you get paid without needing collections. We would bill your credit card for $499 when you sign up and will will search all of your data for free including this past year. If you are no satisfied then just cancel before the end of your 90 day test drive and we will refund every dime you paid, no questions asked. 
 So click The button below to sign up so we can find more back door hires for you.
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